Prime Morning

Prime Morning is a three (3) hour premium breakfast show that is entertaining, modern, positive and trustworthy.
It presents an unbiased view point of the Ghanaian populace with specific focus on viewers within the socio-economic class.
The show gives a daily presentation of Motivation, Exercises, Dietary information, Lifestyle and Health, Sports, Social Issues, Finance,
Entertainment, Social Media trends, Weather and Traffic report and other features.

Target: Prime Morning has a balanced gender audience with scale tilted towards females between the ages of 18-49 years, ABC1& C2

The Ghana Report

The Ghana Report is a one hour weekly talk show that provides a platform for the host to engage policy makers, government officials, business leaders on the myriad of issues that confront the Ghanaian society.

Discussions on the show focuses on socio-economic, political, business. sports issues, and other matters affecting the state.

The program promises to be insightful, educative, and engaging with exciting guests and a sure bet to change the face of
television programming within the sphere of current affairs .


Y3N KASA is a weekly panel discussion show that will feature an array of dynamic, intelligent women discussing the major, trending political, social and entertainment issues. The show will employ a no-nonsense, straight-talking debate format, and will consist of segments that will be interactive with viewers by offering a phone in segment and reading comments from social media. The show will be delivered in the Akan language of Twi.

Target audience : SEC ABC 1 (18 – 45yrs) , predominantly female spill over male C2.